How To Prevent Home Fires In The Summer

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December typically reigns as the month where the most fires occur. Albeit beautiful, those lights around your Christmas tree can leave you in a burned down house if not taken care of, but according to the National Fire Incident Reporting System; the summer months have shown to have its fair share of house fires. Here at All County and thanks to information from the (NFIRS), we have provided you a small fact sheet to educate and help you prevent summer fire damage. And remember, if you’re ever in an emergency, don’t hesitate to call us.


  1. In the summer months, less than 8 percent of home fires, and 6 percent of fatal fires occur. To put those percentages into perspective, they amount to 16,000 house fires and 60 fatal ones. A number provided by the NFIRS in 2008!\
  2. That nice dinner you made could have been your last! Approximately, 32 percent of residential fires are caused by Cooking! Typical fires are caused by unattended stoves, which result in either a dishrag that catches flames, or grease/oil that ignites with the exposure to fire.
  3. Mishandled propane is responsible for a significant amount of grill fires. Summer time is the time to cook outside, and grill some steaks, but about 17 percent of grill fires happen in July, and 39 percent happen in May, June, and August. There are about 5,700 home grill-related fires that start each year. Of those fires there is $37 million in damage, 100 injuries, and 10 deaths.
  4. Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires. Cigarette butts that are not put out correctly can slowly spark a fire.
  5. 4th of July is when Arson fires, and suspicious fires peak. The leading cause? Fireworks. Powerful mishandled illegal fireworks, fireworks that are done indoors, and fireworks that are not disposed of properly.
  6. Your heating and ac vents also start fires. Each year there is an estimated 2,300, roughly causing $23.8 Million in damage. The biggest problem is when the coils are dirty and the air doesn’t circulate. It’s best to invest in air filters periodically, than to have to pay the cost of replacing. Try to have your systems inspected.
  7. Portable and fixed air conditioning units often have inadequate installations, and usually cause electrical malfunctions and fires. When do the most portable fires happen? Between 2 and 8 p.m. A central air conditioning system are less likely to start fires.
  8. What is the biggest fire starter between the summer and winter months? Lighting and attic fires. Electrical malfunctions and short circuits cause large numbers of attic fires.


Prevention Tips

  • Make sure you practice fire safety in your home
  • Check and make sure your smoke alarms are working
  • Make sure your kitchen stoves are clean and free from anything that can possibly catch on fire
  • If you use products that use fire as a source, make sure it is disposed of correctly
  • Routinely inspect your home (i.e. electrical systems, hvac systems)
  • Seek professional help immediately in the event of an emergency
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