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Paperwork, nobody likes paperwork, let alone dealing with insurance companies. The problem with that is, when your house is affected by asbestos, fire, water, or structural damage, you’re gonna have to file a claim. But it doesn’t have to be a grueling process, here at All County we’ve devised a few steps to help you on your journey. Why? Because we care about our clients.

Note: In the event of any emergency, don’t wait for your insurance to get your damage under control. Call a restoration company like ours to alleviate the damages and potential costs. Ultimately, you are going to get to choose who to contract for the job, and you will be able to negotiate with the adjuster your insurance company sends.

Consider your claims
Certain companies, will raise your premiums or stop covering you depending on the cost of your claims. Here’s a tip, if more damage can be prevented call a restoration company like ours to mitigate damage. Depending on your insurance or policy they can pay for our services and the total costs of any claim will be lessened. Another tips is to see if your tip is worthwhile. If repair costs are around the cost of your deductible, it might be better to cover the repair yourself to keep your premiums low.

How to file a claim
-Get in contact with your insurance company and review what you are covered for. Ask your agent for any questions
-Ask and gather all of the information needed to process your claim
-Your insurance company will want proof of any loss, so make sure you keep, photos, receipts, and anything else to back your claim
-It is good measure to keep copies of EVERYTHING

What to expect
-Your insurance provider will send an adjuster to evaluate the damage
-They will discuss what company you want to work with
-Typically, the investigations of your claim should be done within 30 days of your claim

-Stay involved in the process
-Don’t expect your adjuster to contract the job
-Play middleman between your adjuster and contractor, keep them connected
-Keep in contact with your insurer, make sure you run by any questions or concerns
-Finally know your rights and responsibilities:

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